Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy 4th of July – The Fundamental Characteristics Of Fascism

Laurence Britt’s initial writings on fascism were penned about fifteen years ago under the Clinton-Gore administration.   I find that quite telling since both Clinton and Gore have inserted themselves into the corporatocracy to benefit more than any former politicians to serve in the history of the United States.   Even though neither have any skills other than that of a bureaucrat, they have each made hundreds of millions of dollars through the use of their political connections and their crony Rolodex.   Both have whole-heartedly embraced the corporate state.  The fascist state.  

Does anyone see the fundamental characteristics of fascism in any countries around the globe including your own?  It appears to me that these characteristics are the defining strategies of the neoliberal political playbook of both political parties in the United States.   Not too surprising since fascism is purely a political incarnation.  

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