Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Fourth Of July Celebration Of Our Criminal Banking System’s Commodities Racketeering And Extortion

This article (link below)  is a few weeks old but it is very relevant to what we have been saying on here since starting this blog.  That is, commodities are a massive bubble created by Wall Street criminals.  And all of this commodities supercycle nonsense, Peak oil,  food shortages and so forth are simply lies perpetuated by Wall Street in their attempt to manipulate the public and prices. 

How does a banking system, which is granted special privilege by society to keep our money safe, ever become the equivalent of Enron by manipulating food, energy and industrial metals to extort their mafioso cut of commodities for their own profit?  Corruption of our government.  (It’s the same reason gold and silver are going up because the rise on those markets are driven by the same market-rigging fraud.) 

These banks are criminal organizations.  Just because they have bribed our government to subvert the rule of law regulating them or rewritten the rule of law to rig markets for legalized racketeering and extortion doesn’t mean their actions are above prosecution.  Why wouldn’t all of Wall Street’s senior executives and CEOs  involved in this racketeering and extortion scheme be indicted were the same laws still in place that prosecuted Enron?  It’s the exact same con game.  

Enron manipulated energy markets and rigged prices by withholding electricity to make it appear there were shortages.  They even caused rolling brownouts in California that killed people who couldn’t afford the massive energy cost spikes (caused by Enron traders manipulating price courtesy of deregulation.) during heat waves.  And Enron executives laughed about it in wiretapped conversations.  Sound familiar?  It should because Wall Street was implicated in the Enron scheme and many major firms paid massive financial penalties for their criminal involvement just as we see them paying similar penalties today for criminal schemes across multiple rackets.  But they escaped prosecution in Enron just as they are today because they are protected by a corrupt political system.  Control fraud as William Black’s book points out.       

That a mainstream media source is now printing what we have been saying for years finally lays bare the truth for all to see.    (Albeit, this story garnered no attention with the public or politicians.  That is because the public is being misled and politicians are the enablers to this fraud.)  This story is sickening.  And, mind you, it can be applied to food, gold, oil and countless other commodities manipulated by criminals. 

This is one of the greatest frauds of our time and we seem to be the only source in the financial community who has been writing about this for years.

That impoverished people around the world are suffering under manipulated commodities pricing is one of the greatest crimes against humanity in the 20th century.  This clearly rises to the level of treason against the people of the United States and to the level of a global court for crimes against humanity as was used against Nazi Germany criminals after World War II.  

Anyone who says commodities are rising because of the inflation created by the Federal Reserve printing money are useful idiots who have no idea what they are talking about. 

The Wall Street Journal only gives a preview of subscriber content but Googling the title of the article will allow you to read the entire article.  The Wall Street Journal allows readers from Google searches to read subscriber content at no charge.  So click on the first WSJ link in this Google search result.

The political and banking fraud in our country is massive and much worse than anything most people could even fathom.  Now isn’t that something to celebrate on the 4th of July?

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