Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The 4th Of July, The State And The Horrors Of It’s Most Perfect Invention - War

How far political authority in the U.S. has swayed from our founding principles.  As we have said countless times, war is man’s most evil invention.  The propaganda machine in the U.S. glorified war but there is never any glory in any violence or unnecessary death.  Contrarily, as Randolph Bourne so brilliantly penned in his essay a century ago ‘War is the Health of the State’

The U.S. is bankrupting itself morally and financially by perpetuating the war state and its policy of global political hegemony and belligerence.  As is reported in a newly released report, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians are dead, hundreds of thousands injured and trillions of dollars spent.  For what?  The U.S. political engine is following the path of the Soviet Union’s political engine into self-destruction.  Self-destruction is the end state of the unstable mind.  And we can easily draw the same parallels to the construct of the U.S. political engine which is headed by unstable thinking and policy.  It is headed in the same direction and with it taking society and countless who die in its name.

Soldiers take an oath to defend the Constitution.  How many people who have died in these wars were enemies of the United States’ Constitution?  Seriously? 

This 4th of July, we should re-establish uniquely American priniciples.  Principles which made this country great.  Principles taken from us by self-interested and corrupt politicians and the fascist state.    Principles that still exist in the hearts and ideals of most Americans. 

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