Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wisconsin Governor To Be Recalled?

How many times have I said on here that Republicans and Democrats have misinterpreted their election victories as mandates for their failed ideologies?  The American people, like the Japanese people, have been sacking both parties consistently since the mid 90s.  They are doing so because they want something other than the same old demagogues who spew hate, divisiveness and neoliberalism.   I see very few people realizing this fact yet, but there is an enormous vacuum in political leadership and that means there is an opportunity for a leader to step forward unlike at any time in this country’s history.  Someone will eventually fill that vacuum.  Some think it will be a figure akin to  Adolph Hitler but the dynamics today are far too different as are the constructs of our very heterogeneous society.  As we have remarked years ago, that fact alone makes it nearly impossible to spark any nationally-focused propaganda and hatred.  The U.S. society’s cumulative consciousness has far outgrown the small-minded hatred and bigotry of such sociopathic personalities.   Can small pockets of bigoted and hate-speaking politicians be elected?  Sure with limited and homogeneous population bases.  But a presidential election? 

It doesn’t matter if the people from Wisconsin pick a Democrat, a Republican or the Man from Uncle as governator.   But whomever anyone picks to be a public servant, that person should be a servant of the people, to the Constitution, to the rule of law and to reason.  And if the people of Wisconsin are substantially divided on any issue, then political leaders should attempt to educate society on the issues and engage in public discourse to flush out superior solutions determined by an educated and reasoned society. 

Walker remarked after winning the governorship that he won so he got to do what he wanted to do.   Where do these people come from?  How might I ask is this self-rule?   This seems more like a very disturbed mind wishing to turn democracy on its head in order to appease its own demons.  No.  That is not what you get to do.  You get the privilege of serving society in some attempt to please all of your citizens with moderate and acceptable ideas based on reason and virtue. 

Walker is not a conservative politician.  He is a neoliberal.  And with it comes the neoliberal attitude that shows a substantial disdain for the voice of democracy, self-rule and reason.   

Society cannot survive without reason.  Without public discourse to solve its issues.  Without virtue and morality.  And that means it surely cannot survive if we allow self-rule to be turned into a mockery by listening to self-interested politicians driven not to serve the people but to serve their own inner demons and/or ideology. 

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