Thursday, July 28, 2011

Need A Job? Run For Congress. Approval Ratings Point To Winds Of Change.

The American people have been well ahead of this crisis for a long, long time.  As we have noted before, polling approval ratings for Congress have been horrendous since early in the first term of the Clinton presidency – often polling as low as around 12% positive.    The reality is most politicians simply don’t reflect the virtues and values of most Americans.   They reflect the virtues and values of the kleptocracy.   AAnd why shouldn’t they with the kleptocracy’s money being the driving force behind who gets elected.  We can surely then conclude  the wrong people are attracted to public stewardship for their own desires of power and greed and to serve a criminal ruling class’s will.  And with a monopoly on who actually gets the massive corporate and elite funds needed to get elected, the American people are presented with false choices of corrupt Republicans or corrupt Democrats.  Mind you, the presidency surely represents these same morally bankrupt dynamics.  And so do many state and city governments. 

The vast majority of Americans may not have been able to predict exact dynamics in our society as they have unfolded, but that is because most Americans spend their time raising their family and working more hours than any other industrialized nation.  But the reality is most Americans have never bought the swill out of Washington.  It’s in most people’s DNA to question the false prophets from afar promising endless glory and riches while that ends up on our door step is usually a big pile of doggie doo.  (We can thank politicians for long work weeks as well.  30 years ago there was talk of a 4 day work week.  What ever happened to that?  With productivity where it is in our nation, we could easily have a three day work week.  EASILY.  Have you ever wondered why you work the hours you do?  At one point, corporations pushed children to work 80 hours a week.   And they more than likely would today were society’s collective consciousness not to have evolved.  There is nothing magical about 40 hours or any other number.  As a free and democratic society, we could decide the work week should be 20 hours a week or 30 or 10 without affecting living standards.  The only baseline requirement is that the nation produce enough to feed its people and whatever it wishes to consume. 

It is only corporations and beholden political crooks - bureaucrats who financially benefit from the profits extracted by long hours of our workforce - who truly benefit of the low quality of life created by the longest work week in the industrial world. 

What better way to improve the quality of life for families, spend more time bonding emotionally,  spend more quality of time improving our children’s lives and have more time to contemplate future invention, and on and on and on?  Do you want the happiness index of our nation to improve or the productivity index of corporations to improve by working longer hours? 

What ever happened to concern about quality of life?  Peacefulness? Compassion?  Community?  Connectedness?  Meeting our society’s emotional needs as human beings?  It has been destroyed by the fascist state.  Corruption and the Orwellian corporate state has created a very emotionally-uncentered society as we live out the uncentered view from the bureaucrat’s mind of what our society should be .  Is this as good as it gets?  Are you happy with how your fellow man is treated by the machine?  By you, because you support the machine?  Or is it ‘all about me’ with you?

You work long hours because you are a slave.  It’s all a mirage.  That is, everything you believe about the economy and our monetary system.  And as such, your belief in that mirage is the only thing that makes it real.  Your mind makes what you believe become a reality.  Nothing more.  And that belief system is now crumbling for millions and millions of Americans.  I can’t think of anything more liberating or enlightening.

Unlike the stereotypical views from Wall Street and Washington and other endless media, corporate and political mouthpieces for the corporate state, most Americans don’t want to lay around on their fat ass and each the corporate state’s toxic industrial food all day long.  That and other stereotypes are projections of the unstable minds of egocentric shills.   In fact, while I know someone out there must be lazy, I can’t recall ever meeting anyone who didn’t want to work and provide for their own well being.  Well, except for politicians; most of whom have never done an honest day’s work and would rather live off of other people’s money.   If the government does default, the first layoffs I wish to see are all of Congress and the White House.  Maybe we can outsource them to China.

While polling for Congress has been abysmal for a few decades, polling that I have seen generally shows a higher approval rating for an individual’s own congressional representatives.   While polls can be wildly inaccurate, especially based on wording and profiling, this is the first poll of any kind I have seen that shows most politicians could be forced to find a real job. 

What is an out-of-work politician to do if the lobbyist, political consulting, campaign consulting and political think tank engine collapses through reform or worse?  Well, I guess they could join always work at McDonalds since those are the types of jobs their policies disproportionately seek to create.   Looks like the lawyer bubble might be on the verge of popping.  Without the massive political fascist regime to prop it up, being lawyerly might entail flipping burgers.  The new normal. 

I’ll take a Quarter Pounder with cheese, a large fries and and a Coke.  A meal the industrial food monopoly would be proud of.  And who better to serve it up than out-of-work political idiots whose pandering to corruption created the very food they would now have to serve. 

It’s good to be the king.  Not much longer though.

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