Friday, August 26, 2011

Possible Death, Cancer, Infertility & More And New Studies Tell Us It’s Pervasively Now A Part Of Our Entire Ecosystem

As we have remarked before, the industrial food monopoly is just as detrimental to our society as is the financial monopoly of Wall Street.   The corporatocracy exists across all aspects of our society and its negative influences on all parts of our lives is systemic. 

I could probably have an even broader topic list of blog posts if I focused exclusively on the industrial food monopoly, myths about nutrition, safety-related issues about our food, impacts on society and more.   It’s no exaggeration to say that on some level we are killing ourselves.   And if you realize the depth of the problem, you know this system is going to come tumbling down over the next decade as awareness spreads to its systemic risks and consequences.   All of this is enabled and even subsidized by the same captured government under the same dynamics that created the economic and financial freak show before us.  But, the food monopoly is not the primary focus on here.  Well, another reason I don’t post more on this topic is because the food monopolies and their legion of lawyerly stooges have gotten laws passed that often make it a crime to speak freely about the toxicity and unhealthiness of the goo they produce.    Apparently many lawyers don’t have a problem trading in their constitutional oath for one to intimidate and threaten democracy, subvert the rule of law and protect corruption on behalf of the corporate state’s interests.    What did Shakespeare say?  I am just kidding.   The insanity is so severe, you have to joke about it or become insane yourself. 

Let’s just make a broad observation that our society is most often eating food with zero nutritional value or worse.  That is, food that harms your health.  And this food is almost always produced using unsustainable methods that often threaten the ecosystem or our own well being. 

By the way, the FDA food pyramid is a joke.  Some of the items on the food pyramid probably shouldn’t even be ingested by humans.   At least not in large quantities as it is today.  An example is the largest component in the good pyramid, grains.  Some studies show Americans get up to 50% of their calories from grains.  There are many scientific arguments that we shouldn’t be eating grains at all or at least should only be eating them in minor quantities.  But grains, as an example, are the number one cash crop produced by the industrial food monopoly.  So, guess what?  You are going to eat them in massive quantities and suffer any consequences regardless of evidence to the contrary until we overturn corporate personhood and the endless legalized bribery of our government.    Healthy food isn’t expensive.  It’s just not subsidized for Soviet overproduction.  The same Soviet overproduction that drives the war state.  If our government was subsidizing carrots, grass-fed beef and broccoli instead of corn, wheat and oats, we’d see the prices of carrots, grass-fed beef and broccoli plummet. 

As always, think for yourself.  Do your own research rather than believing the endless propaganda of profit-driven government and corporations. 

Our environment is becoming pervasively poisoned by unregulated corporate activity and corruption of our government.   That isn’t just an issue with the food monopoly.  It is an issue with all industry waste.   It’s one reason corporations love emerging markets.  They are “open for business”.  That means local bribes make it possible to dump the world’s most poisonous chemicals out the factory’s back door and into the ecosystem.  Privatize the gains and socialize the losses.   Corporate welfare is systemic around the globe as  fascist capitalism expands  Is there literally any place to plant or harvest food that doesn’t register some level of manmade toxicity in the final product? 

Well, from this recent scientific study in the government’s own PubMed database, it appears Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicide and its degradate is pervasively in our air and our rain.  And as the article link points out, the potential known and unknown consequences of this are extremely disturbing.

The fascist state lives.  And it is killing you in more ways than one. 

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