Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is The SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes? Whistleblower Contends SEC Shredded Records Of Thousands of Crimes.

I hammer incessantly on the corruption on Wall Street.  I’m not sure most people appreciate how absolutely corrupt and criminal Wall Street is.  Or how much this corrupt and criminal element destroys our form of government and our economy.  This isn’t something new, by the way.  Private banking has always been the source of destroying human rights.   As I have also hammered incessantly, we need a public banking system that serves democracy and human development.  And, no that doesn’t mean a banking system under the authority of political idiots. 

I think there is a very reasonable chance given the changes in technology and the general awareness by the public (which is greater than at any time in our history) and the scope of the crisis that criminal banking is now exposing, we could very well be seeing the end of Wall Street.  I mean it could completely go away.  Forever.   I have harped on this for years and that is because I appreciate how much systemic rot is in the system and that it will eventually be exposed and lead to its ultimate demise. 

I am going to run some very unique posts on money and the role it plays in society in the next six months.  And those will generally refudiate everything the gold advocates believe to be true.  Gold is not the answer.  Gold solves nothing.  The status quo wants a return to gold so they can lock in the value of what they have stolen from the 90% of Americans who had their economy, their savings, their high-paying jobs and their government stolen from them. 

We have no transparency into our government any more so I clearly suspect much of what Taibbi is writing could very well be true.  In fact, it could be substantially worse than he is reporting. 

If this is true, then all of Wall Street would again be open to criminal prosecution for cases they supposedly settled in civil court.  I think we are going to witness some absolutely shocking events in coming years.  Shocking.  This may just be one of them.  And so might our remarks that we would see Nuremberg-type trials in the United States.   The game is up. 

On a final note, this whistleblower’s attorney is also a former SEC whistleblower whom we wrote about five years ago for being muzzled in another Wall Street criminal case.  Karma?

Link to Taibbi’s article in Rolling Stone here.

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