Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jon Stewart: Why Is The Media Ignoring Ron Paul?

While I find all of the current presidential contenders, including the one currently in the White House, unappealing at best and absolutely laughable at worst, at least Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air with his honest views of the massive corporate welfare bloat, the out of control military-industrial complex, our corrupt banking system and the police state.  (His economic ideology is just this side of bat shit.  We’ll discuss that more generally on Labor Day.  And his association with documented hateful and bigoted comments has never been clearly addressed with anything more than a sound-bited ‘I dunno or I can’t remember.’)

Paul is being completely shut out by the mainstream media after coming within a few whiskers of winning the Republican Iowa Straw Poll.  Given the government hate speak and bigoted comments out of the winner, I’m not sure that is any great accomplishment anyway.  (We need to fix government not abolish it.  Government haters made our government corrupt and incompetent.  Electing more of them to continue the trend of dismantling programs that serve We The People won’t solve anything.)  The modern day Republican Party is just this side of crazy and shares absolutely nothing in common with the party of Lincoln. 

I have never seen anything like this.  It’s like he doesn’t even exist.  And the effort seems concerted across all television media.  There is no doubt the fascist Republican leadership does not want Paul to get anywhere near the White House.  He would completely decimate the legions of special interest bribes and campaign money the fascist money relies on to grease its corrupt skids.  I don’t know if the national Republican party leadership is pulling strings or calling in favors behind the scenes or if media corporations share a fear of a Republican Party not beholden to corporate money or what.   But this Jon Stewart clip is completely bizarre.  And given Paul is the only Republican candidate who appears to have a modicum of transformational common sense in his message, I feel compelled to give him some free air time in some small effort to beat back the endless supply of stupid served up by the fascist donkeys in the Republican Party.

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