Monday, August 15, 2011

United States Courts Clear The Way For Torture Trial Against Donald Rumsfeld

Quite some time ago I wrote that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nuremburg-type trials in the United States in coming years across a multitude of issues.  I have no particular perspective on whether that would be corruption, treason, war crimes, torture or any other unsavory activity by political elites.  (We also wrote that we can expect to see shocking revelations about our government in coming years as the system of corruption unwinds.)

This case does not yet rise to that level of which I believe is possible, but some years ago, who could have ever imagined this was possible?   This completely unreported event (in the mainstream media) could have enormous implications and become a tipping point as society demands accountability and the application of the rule of law to politicians and the military-industrial complex.

The Russia Today video is more telling of what may be possible given this court decision.

Russia Today

Democracy Now

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