Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Overwhelmingly Americans Reject U.S. Government’s Consent To Govern – Are These The Sprouting Seeds Of A Post-Political Government?

This report (link below) is so predictable.   The only people who believe they have the consent of the governed are the elites who are our modern day robber barons and their toady politicians.  Those in the bubble are always deluded by their self-importance and egos.

We are witnessing mutually-assured destruction of both political parties.  How great is that? 

Is this the beginning of a post-political government emerging in this country?   That is, at some point humanity will achieve some realization that politics is a relic of ancient civilization that serves absolutely no purpose in our society.  And humanity will eventually enter a post-political world defined not by politics but by the greater needs and virtues of society and those willing to serve to meet those needs.   We could literally be witnessing the end of both political parties in this moment of history.  It won’t likely happen in one election cycle but this could be the beginning of the end.   And it doesn’t mean the end of our constitution or our form of government.   It would simply mean the end of politics.   The world would be an enormously different place on so many levels without politics.  We could solve literally every major problem facing our country and, frankly, around the world.   Not by government handouts but through community and cooperation that a post-political world could create.  Well, and a side benefit would be to get rid of all of the lawyers (most politicians) clogging our government who endlessly and uselessly add millions of lines of new code the the U.S. codified code for no reason other than it benefited corruption.  :)   Maybe I’ll write more of what this might entail at some point in the future.  (Not getting rid of an excess of lawyers in politics but what a post-political world might look like.)

You might have never questioned your beliefs on this topic but it is most assuredly coming.  It’s just a matter of whether this is the beginning of that moment or whether it will happen at some point in the future of humanity.  No one really knows.  But this would be a perfect moment in the development of society’s cumulative consciousness for such a realization to occur. 

Politics in the U.S. is now in a massive bubble of self-indulgence and hedonism at the expense of We The People.   Countless billions are spent every year on bribing our politicians while millions of Americans rot.  And even last night as systems of the status quo imploded, our President was out pumping donors for money rather than dealing with our country’s problems.  Truly, what purpose does politics serve?  At times such as these, where the status quo is so deluded by their own power and control, moments of massive volatility and changes in trend are prone to occur.  And we see this awareness happening everywhere around the world as people rise up to sack the illegitimacy of politicians. 

The process of enlightenment continues. 

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