Monday, August 08, 2011

Moodys (A Corporation) Oversteps Its Bounds By Remarking That Future U.S. Credit Rating Depends On Fate Of Bush Tax Cuts

Well, if the idiots at S&P haven’t exposed their illegitimacy and stupidity, Moodys apparently wants to make sure they put on the dunce cap.  A Moodys’ analyst has come out and said the future credit rating of the U.S. will depend on the fate of the Bush tax cuts. 

How sickening is this?  The fascist corporate state is in full play.  Moodys confirms the illegitimacy of its ratings and the fraud of our financial system by becoming substantially involved in U.S. government politics and what particular tax policies are acceptable.  Ratings agencies are shills for the status quo’s illegitimacy.

The only thing Moodys or S&P should be concerned about is if the U.S. can and will meet its obligations regardless of its tax policies.  Yet, now a Moodys analyst is essentially extorting our government by demanding  what particular policies the U.S. should employ to meet those obligations, or risk being downgraded.  That is, apparently Moodys is demanding the U.S. continue its economic policies of trickle down economics that benefits the shills at Moodys but where the other 90% of Americans beg for the scraps of those who have stolen our society’s wealth and destroyed our economy, including Moodys and S&P. 

I’m surely no fan of politicians and the mess they have created but Moodys is completely exposing its illegitimacy.  Of course, given their enablement and involvement in the massive financial fraud in our country, is that really any surprise?

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