Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Nonpartisan CBPP Comments On The Debt Deal

Unbalanced results that places the nation on a disturbing policy course….   Not really too much of a surprise since the debt deal is not a result of the reasoned mind but instead of the mind seeking political power and control.  None of the debt deal was discussed in any public hearings or reasoned discourse on how the deal or its components will impact society.  

How many people who work within engineering or rigorous process-defined systems would ever make a change to the system without understanding its consequences? 

Is this debt deal really any different than taking a political hack into a nuclear power plant and telling them to just start pressing whatever buttons they think need to be pressed to keep the plant running.   The consequences will no doubt be somewhat similar.  Austerity, as we have written for years, is a scam perpetuated by elitists and supported by unknowing useful idiots in society.  We don’t need austerity.  We need investment in people, in democracy, in the rule of law, in government and in the private sector.  Austerity has the same impact on society as does a monetary policy collapse that happened during the Great Depression.  It initiates the China Syndrome.  A recursive downward spiral that becomes self-reinforcing that makes the crisis all that much worse… and all that much harder to stop. 

Reason and sanity have left the building.  We are all living the dystopian world of Orwell.  A dystopian world created by the unstable mind.

posted by TimingLogic at 2:55 PM