Friday, August 05, 2011

The State’s Subversion Of The Rule Of Law And The Rights Of Man - Secret British Documents Admit Their Policy Of Torture Causes Terrorism

These are horrible and damning secret documents.  Maybe the people of Britain should consider calling a public tribunal to investigate crimes against the people of Britain within its own government.

We have a relatively new level of secrecy in democracies around the world.  States are now using secrecy in a way that it has never been legally used before.  That is, to cover up crimes, to pilfer for self-interest, to subvert the rule of law, and to enable the lobbyist bubble and the corporate state.   This is highlighted in the relatively recent documentary titled Secrecy.   I would highly recommend it.   It is a film every person around the world would benefit to watch.  Maybe this is what we should be teaching our kids in school.  That is, how to protect democracy.

Democracy and government cannot and will not function under the guise of secrecy.   And that is exactly the problem with our economy and our society today.  Every major issue would be solved by a completely transparent and open government.  Because every major problem in our society and our economy was caused by secrecy in government.

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