Thursday, August 04, 2011

Currency Wars Escalate

Hahaha.  By the way, that is a nervous and concerned laugh.   As we have remarked on here, currency wars are nothing new.  We have been in a constant currency battle for the last thirty years.  That is a fundamental economic rule to neoliberal economics.  To those who try to paint recent currency dynamics as something new or uniquely debilitating, or try to blame this all on the United States, well, they benefited from neoliberalism for decades and now they are worried because they no longer benefit.   

The dynamic of currency manipulation in today’s environment has so much focus because the economic system of the last thirty years is imploding.  It is imploding because it is based completely in fraud,  corruption and junk economics.   And every country is scurrying in some attempt to gain comparative advantage as the system unwinds.  The game is over.  The entire global financial system and globalization is failing.  And we were the first I am aware of to call both many moons ago. 

Most in the media, in the elitist class and in politics still just don’t get it.  Most don’t understand the monster that we call modern economics and its systemic failures is completely based on junk science.  That means they simply won’t believe any of what is happening until they actually see it with their own eyes.  In other words, they are still driven by their own lies of the mind or self delusions of the ego.  Well, we all have a front row seat to the game of the millenium. 

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