Saturday, August 06, 2011

S&P’s Downgrade Of U.S. Debt. Today I Downgrade S&P To Useless And Irrelevant.

I think I’ll take a nap.   Seriously, anyone who reads this most likely knows about the S&P downgrade of U.S.  debt.  Who cares?  I mean really?  S&P is an illegitimate institution of the status quo.  And frankly, their long term future is in greater doubt than the long term future of the United States.  So, today I downgrade S&P and put them on long term going-out-of-business and completely-irrelevant-to-our-democracy-and-our-economy watch. 

All that matters as it pertains to S&P’s decision is interest rates and they don’t determine interest rates.   The sovereign United States government determines interest rates either by allowing supply/demand characteristics set them or they have the ability to set them by decree or a combination of both as we see today.  

On some level the day-to-day dealings in the global economy are irrelevant.  One could just as soon shut off the news.  Or shut off this blog.  Change is coming and we all knew that.  The status quo’s illegitimacy has been exposed and there is no way to put such massive fraud and corruption back in the bag.   In a great bout of irony, S&P’s decision could eventually lead to its own demise if we can get transformational change of our financial system over coming years.

Change will either be proactive or it will be forced upon us or both depending on what that change is.  Some of it will be painful but none of it has to be.  It only will be painful to those victimized by the predatory status quo because it is now trying to save its power.  This is no different than the end of slavery, the end of institutional bigotry and hatred, the end of indentured servitude, the end of communism or any other illegitimate institution of the status quo. 

Ultimately, while today’s times are unnerving and extremely painful for many, and maybe all of us before this is over, no awareness and social progress in the history of mankind has come without crisis as progress chafes against the status quo’s attempt at maintaining its grip.  And unlike those who say the United States is finished, including illegitimate institutions like S&P and its downgrade of U.S. debt, every single time in our history, enlightenment eventually and always won.  Life ultimately became better for more and more Americans.   Americans are now more informed to the illegitimacy of the status quo than at any time in our history.  How great is that?  Booyah! 

Change is coming.  The issue you must decide through your own involvement in society and the policies you vote for is what kind of change that will be.  The only person who will make your life better is you.  You will decide the future of our country whether you want to or not. Because as a citizen of this country and a member of the human race, it is not only your right, it is your responsibility to make the world a better place.    

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