Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goldman Sachs Probed Over Bribery In Case of US. Foreign Corruption Practices Act

Goldman Sachs Libyan bribery probe

Let’s throw a few more lovelies up here that also drew headlines in the last twenty four hours.

Goldman Sachs lost most money trading since 2008 collapse (We said countless times this would happen as Wall Street traded counterparties out of markets.  That means eventually Wall Street and hedge fund trading systems, many of which use the same basic algorithms, would start to produce substantial and recurring losses.  Wall Street and the investor class are holding the bag in their trading Ponzi schemes.) 

Goldman Sachs leads financial stock swoon (Again no surprise here.  We have remarked for a long time Goldman’s future as a legitimate business entity would eventually become a serious issue because their business model is simply unsustainable.)

Goldman Sachs sued by credit union regulator for fraud

European Union accuses Goldman Sachs of price fixing

Warren Buffet’s investment gains in Goldman Sachs erased

Goldman caught red-handed in insider trading?

Life’s a bitch for all of those really brilliant Wall Street savants when rigging the game no longer works.  Come to find out they weren’t really that brilliant at all.  They were just cheating.

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