Monday, August 29, 2011

The World Of Energy Pollution And Its Impact On Life

Let’s follow up our last post on industrial pollution with one about electromagnetic pollution.   That is, cell phones, portable electrical devices, the wireless revolution and other electromagnetic energy sources invading our personal space. 

One of our long term theses on here is that we are in a  cycle of volatility.  While I have not discussed my theory surrounding this statement, I have made countless remarks and many posts that should encourage your imagination to consider a world beyond current views of generally accepted ideology.  Ideology that often is portrayed as science but clearly is nothing of the sort. 

We remarked some years ago in our Chaiten volcano post that I believe electrical and electromagnetic  energy forces of extraterrestrial origin could very well be a root cause in cycles of volatility.

If one considers beyond the generally mechanical and chemical view of life, one recognizes that the human body and all life on earth is driven by electrical and electromagnetic energy.  The human body is nothing more than a battery of electrical potential contained in a salt bath.   (Another myth portrayed as science is that natural occurring salts are bad for our health.  A ridiculous notion disproven by the very scientific community who advocates this nonsense.  We may not want to ingest copious amounts of processed sodium chloride contained in the industrial food chain  but without the salt bath within our body, our entire electrical nervous system, heart and brain would cease to function.  This is akin to the cholesterol myth we will talk about on here at some point as well. ) 

Because electromagnetism is the foundation of life, one must consider that cell phones, other portable electric devices, wireless infrastructure and the entire community of electrical infrastructure in our modern world is going to impact the proper operation of the human machine in some fashion. 

So, in addition to the corporate state protecting environmental polluters and deregulation that is destroying our ecosystems, one must consider that there are equally impactful outcomes of energy pollution.  And that there is science supporting these concerns but that a government driven by profit and bribery has declined to consider these impacts for the sake of profit motive. 

As always do your own diligence.  There are literally hundreds of research articles and books I could point to, including much incredible research that was done in the former Soviet Union, but I’ll keep it simple and point you to this source first.   Maybe I’ll dig deeper into this at some point in the future.   At this point, there are often more questions than answers but as time passes, we shall see this become a very substantial issue that cannot be swept under the profit rug forever.

Electromagnetic Health

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