Sunday, January 22, 2012

Romney Implodes And Loses South Carolina Badly. Is His Campaign Finished?

I have to say that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Romney’s presidential election bid be essentially finished by the end of March based on the primary schedule.   I don’t think he can win consistently in the south or the industrial belt.  It isn’t a matter of superior candidates.  That would be the joke of the day.  This field of candidates is the All-Star line up for the corporate state.  Many factors obviously play a role but with revelations that have come to light in the last few days, it seems more apparent that Romney is a power-mad bankster whose values are often whatever is convenient. 

This isn’t going to fly in areas of the country where large masses of the population derive their values from strong religious beliefs.  I know as anyone else does who also lives in these areas because I grew up in one such area.  Those same values shaped much of who I am.  That is, imperfectly idealistic about what is right and wrong. 

I have a high disdain for soothsayers and those who seek religious authority to manipulate others but most Americans are grounded in strong values impacted in some way by religion or spirituality.   As frustrating as it can be to witness polarizing figures who manipulate religion to spew messages of hate,  it very well will be values of morality that are so deep in most American minds that redeem our nation and ultimately take down the Godless corporate state.   And, there is no doubt.  It is Godless.

With revelations of offshore bank accounts , that he often made enormous profits through the destruction of companies and other people’s lives as a Wall Street shape shifter and various other issues that play heavily in some religious circles,  well……..   Romney has a very tough road ahead.

Perception is often reality and character is defined by what we do when no one is looking.  Romney is going to have a hard time shaking a growing perception of what he was doing when no one is looking and how his values often seem to be determined by convenience.  Those values are prevalent on Wall Street and the circles in which Romney has made a living as well as in Washington and on Wall Street.  (Which is why Wall Street has firmly lined up their support for him as the bankster candidate and why Congress has a 9% approval rating with people in the real world.) But values of convenience surely aren’t embraced by most people in the real world where a “man’s” word is his bond.   Romney’s word may be his bond but there is enough doubt to tank his campaign.  Doubt is all all that is necessary in an environment where Americans are starved for virtuous leadership.  

If I were a betting man, I would bet that Romney is finished. 

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