Friday, January 20, 2012

Gallup Editor: Romney’s National Support Is Collapsing

We are living through history.   I have said before that this is most likely the most defining moment in our country’s history.   I suspect Mitt Romney believes he is a very good person.  And, in many regards, that is most likely so. I am surely not portraying myself as some puritanical beacon on the hill.  We all suffer from the human condition.   But, there are three different images of the self that exist  -  the image shared with the general public or at work, the image shared with our family & friends and the image that is hidden from everyone except ourselves.    With some people, most often those who are most attuned to who they are, those three images may vary little, if at all.  But, with others, it varies tremendously.  No one, even family members, ever suspected that Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy or Dennis Rader were serial killers.  

Now, I am simply making a point of the ego’s representation of the self rather than comparing Mitt Romney to Dennis Rader.   But Mitt Romney is one of the most power-obsessed people I think we have ever seen on the public arena.  What is it about him that drives him obsessively to seek authority and power?  What is it that we don’t see?   Is he simply looking for validation he never received as a child?  Is there some chance he would use that power in some benevolent fashion?  Or……   what is it?  I am suspicious of anyone’s motives whenever someone seeks authority.   So is anyone who understands those who most fervently seek power are those to be most suspicious of granting it. 

Romney is the candidate of the Wall Street bankster and the corporate state.  That’s where he made his money, Wall Street dominates his contributions list and his views of economics are driven by corporatism ideals.    On paper, Rmoney is invincible.  That is, if one believes the media machine and that money and propaganda can build the perfect candidate.  (Ask Hillary Clinton and Republicans in the last election cycle about that one.  McCain was considered dead in the water and Clinton’s nomination was a foregone conclusion.)  The problem was the American people didn’t get the memo.  ie, The people figured out the con.  Is Mitt Romney headed for a similar fate? 

Most people recognize a bullshitter.  Not everyone.  But most.  Especially when it is so obvious.  Romney’s behavior at debates, his tiptoeing around how much money he made, the growing awareness of an affiliation with Wall Street and making insane sums of money by often dismantling businesses or burdening them with debt used to pay himself a king’s ransom and his fierce determination to gain the highest position of authority in the world makes me personally feel very uncomfortable.  Do many Americans are becoming uncomfortable by seeing the same thing? 

Gallup is showing that nearly in a blink of an eye, Romney’s approval numbers are dropping precipitously.    The trend is not your friend in volatile times.  One cannot predict the future as simply a reflection of the past. 

These truly are interesting times.  

Gallup Editor video here.

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