Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama Administration Continues To Wage Economic War On The 99%

The latest policy in the war on democracy is by seeking a lower corporate tax rate that you, labor, will have to pay for through your debt serfdom or loss of government social services or cuts in Social Security or whatnot.  Corporate tax rates in this country are already effectively one third the published rate for the largest corporations as we noted numerous times over the years.  And, we have finally seen some of this with the exposure that many of the largest corporations in this country are paying almost no taxes.  That includes many manufacturers whom he is supposedly targeting.   

Let’s keep this really simple so even a caveman can understand. (Or a politician.  Same thing in most cases.)  In our economy there is labor and capital.  Labor would be you, dog breath.  It is the 99%.  Labor is the citizenry of this country.  It is We The People.  It is the only democratic content in capitalism.  Or, at least it is the only democratic content in capitalism the way it is has always been structured in our country.   Capital in our economy would be oligopoly multinational corporations, banksters and the 1%.   In other words, it ain’t you and it sure as hell ain’t democracy.  Got it?  (Capitalism doesn’t have to be structured that way as we have noted countless times.  A market-based, merit-based economic system can be made substantially more democratic by adjusting the rules.)

You, labor, had to bail out Wall Street to the tune of what is likely to be about $25 trillion.    Wall Street crooks granted themselves record bonuses in return for your gratuitousness.  You, labor, get the bill. 

Oligopoly multinational corporations ran roughshod over our economy for decades, and you, labor, lost tens of millions of jobs costing our economy trillions of dollars in tax receipts while running up a $15 trillion national debt.  Wall Street helped facilitate all of this as did politicians.  You, labor, get the bill.  

The military-industrial complex ran up a $4 trillion in debt by bombing the rest of the world into submission in the last decade, for democracy of course, and you, labor, get the bill.

Now, as a reward for these noble efforts of capital and fascist corporations, Obama wants to lower their taxes while punishing you, labor, with the bill.  Don’t worry.  The bill is in the mail.   Yeah, yeah, you already knew that.   :)

Ain’t corporate welfare and fascism grand?   Rather than corporations being a force for good, they are used to prey on labor, We The People, in a fascist state.  In a fascist society, capital is only subservient to the state; which is why Nazis and communist China both love(d) capitalism.  Which is why Wall Street and corporations love doing business in a massively corrupt China; capital runs roughshod over We The People there as well.   Just ask the suicide victims of slave labor camps making your latest shoes or electronic gadgets.  All of this is why elites, CEOs, politician and banksters looting our country love “free” markets; code words that really mean legalized looting.   In our society, capital runs roughshod over labor, We The People, with absolutely no accountability or service to democracy.  Democracy; that would be you, labor.  And in a system such as this, you, labor, will always be economically-powerless and always get the bill. 

Multinational corporations and banks now completely control the money supply in our country and that means we get predatory capitalism.  CEOs, banksters and politicians, who create absolutely nothing yet make a living preying off of productive people in our society, are minting trillions through this dynamic while We The People’s access to capital has completely collapsed.  We see this in record corporate profits and record corporate expenditures to fund political campaigns that has been building for decades.   But, there is no money to fund Social Security or health care or create jobs.  So, Obama proposes we lower corporate taxes to create jobs.  Hahahaha.  That is almost funny were it not completely ignorant as to the issues and how to resolve them. 

We see the flip side of the corporate money bubble in the economies of Detroit or Cleveland or East LA or New Orleans or thousands of other communities where the money supply has collapsed for its citizens.   The money supply has collapsed through rigging of the economic game.  That means entrepreneurship, individual proprietorships and small businesses, all expressions of democratic capitalism and economic determinism have collapsed over the decades as well.  We see poverty on a scale in this country that would make Robert Mugabe blush.   Why?  There is no money.  Why is there no money?  Fascism or the comingling of corporate power and politics.   There is no money because democracy doesn’t control the money supply.  Private, for-profit banksters and corporations do.  And, they have shipped much of your money out of the country where it yields them a substantially better return than paying you a living wage or retirement.   Because that is what unregulated capitalism does.  It preys on society.  

Those who say we are experiencing inflation show their economic ignorance.  Prices are higher because Wall Street is rigging commodity markets just like they are rigging every other economic market.  Those who focus on austerity and debt are useful idiots shilling for the status quo and for fascism, be it knowingly or dimwittedly.  We have been experiencing austerity at a greater and greater clip for decades as the money supply has collapsed.  That is why tens upon tens of millions of Americans are broke and our children aren’t being educated.  That is why we have a massive debt bubble.  How the hell is focusing on the debt bubble going to solve any of this?  Debt fear mongers are focusing society’s attention away from the real issues and doing all of us a disservice by perpetuating their ignorance and misinforming society with useless bullshit.  Debt is a myth.  An illusion.  I could blink and it would be gone tomorrow and none of our institutions or government or industry or food production would have collapsed. 

Misinformation and ignorance are fundamental deceptions key to the looting of our society.  No one in any position of authority benefiting from this predation wants to educate the citizens of this country because doing so would mean the looting would stop.   Or they would be fingering their fellow looters.  Only leadership of virtue would ever speak the truth.  But doing so would guarantee their own economic suicide.  So, many good men and women remain silent.   We have little leadership in this country but we have plenty of looters.   But, politicians all are quick to point out that God and virtue drives their very existence.

“All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  -- Edmund Burke.

So, do any of you naysayers finally get why we need a public banking system (democratic capital) so you, labor, can have a fighting chance of achieving your dreams in democratic capitalism or a democratic merit-based economy?  Economic freedom and economic determinism are only achievable if the capital in capitalism is taken out of private, for-profit bankster’s hands and put into the hands of democracy or We The People.   It is private, for-profit capital that has throughout history, today and in the future will always corrupt capitalism and distort it into some dystopian, anti-democratic, slave labor world dominated by Soviet-style corporate bureaucrats who treat people as numbers with an efficiency rating.  

A private, for-profit bankster doesn’t give one rat’s ass about your economic freedom or democratic economics or your democratic rights to society’s capital or achieving your democratically-inspired dreams.   That is, unless your dream is to get up every morning, sit 90 minutes in traffic, go to a corporate desk and sit there all day long staring at a computer terminal, and then drive 90 minutes back home and go to bed.  Then start the next day all over again and do that for 40 years until you die.  This is not a dream of a free mind in a free nation.  It is the dystopian nightmare of a Soviet citizen who numbs himself with copious amounts of vodka to survive the meaningless and Godless existence of the corporate state. 

Private, for-profit banking is an ancient relic of tyranny and is an afront to liberty, democracy, economic freedom and economic determinism.    Going back to the gold standard with a private, for-profit banking system would simply make capitalism even more tyrannical by giving those who have the gold even more control over those who don’t; that would be you, labor.  We should seek to democratize society’s capital, not limit it to those who have the gold as was the case in past corrupt societies who used gold to enforce tyranny.   Gold is a solution to nothing unless you are the status quo seeking to consolidate your tyranny over democracy.

Change you can believe in.   That would be more change in the form that Reagan, Bush 41 & 43, Clinton and Obama loved to stick to you, labor.  Economic serfdom and corporate fascism are alive and well in the dystopian United Corporation$ of Amerika.

Paid for by Obama 2012 re-election committee for a better America.  Hahaha.  Just kidding Barack.  It’s a joke.   You keep up the good work. 

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