Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rick Perry Doesn’t Want To Go Away. Who Can Blame Him? Politics Pays For People Like Perry.

You know, most of these political masters of the universe have no skills to actually do anything.   They generally have no idea what they are talking about beyond a few canned paragraphs on any particular topic.  They have to suck the life out of someone else.  That’s what politics is in this country; living off of productive people in society.   Or, should I say preying on productive people?   So, politicians simply recycle themselves as lobbyists or get appointments with politically-active law firms or ‘thinkless’ think tanks or members of PACs or televangelists for the 24 hour TV “news” networks.  Of no irony, all of these entities rely on the good graces of productive people for their economic success.

From what I’ve seen, Rick Perry has no known economic skill or ability to be self-sufficient or add much economic value to our society.  (Btw, Matt you still owe me a pizza on this bet. lol.) Now, I suppose we might be able to conclude that is how he actually ended up in politics; he had no skills to land a real job.  So, here he comes again.   PACman Rick. 

If we had a system of self-rule where society nominated candidates to serve society for one term rather than power-mad candidates nominating themselves and becoming an infestation that never seems to go away, what would politicians do?  I suppose most would be flipping burgers or chasing ambulances.   Regardless, they would be irrelevant.  And, in a merit-based society, that is how it should be.

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