Monday, February 13, 2012

A Gasping Plea From The Status Quo – Why The World Needs America

Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that this article is one of the most read at the Wall Street Journal given its readership.  That along with an article highlighting the design of a new $100,000+ automobile.  Or that the author’s book is apparently selling well in the Washington political bubble.  Confirmation bias is a favorite delusion of the political mind.   In other words-

“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all His laws.” – John Adams

Reading this article, I don’t think I found a single sentence that is defensible as a moral or absolute truth.  This is nothing more than a plea from the status quo to maintain its illegitimacy.   It is apparent Robert Kagan understands literally nothing about how or what forces pushed the world to this point.   His self-interest as a Washington insider making money off of a failed political system of money, lobbying and their dubious outcomes drives a twisted view of reality.  (Washington think tanks are politically-motivated institutions that survive through the illegitimate comingling of money and politics. Seldom is there any truth derived in the perspective of politically-motivated think tanks.  Rather their perspectives are motivated by and twisted by self-interest and money.  Were I king for a day, I would enact a rule of law to bring these and all other political institutions into extreme transparency.  That includes all of their meetings, dealings  and objectives with politicians and donors.)  

The world does need America.  But it doesn’t need the America that Kagan represents or waxes poetic about.  Nor does it need an American empire that crushes democracy, freedom and economic determinism both inside of our nation and around the globe.   The America that Kagan writes about is an America driven by power, greed, political control and domination and not driven by the virtuous search for truth, reason, justice and self-determinism.

The world needs an America that embraces the ideals of democracy and freedom.   The world needs an America that embraces the economic determinism of a free people.  The world needs an America that assists the rest of the world in achieving democratic and economic freedom through the benevolence of our citizens and our compassionate assistance to achieve those virtuous goals.  The world needs an America that is self-governed by our citizens and not a self-appointed authority of a political class.  The world needs an America who will stop the belligerence of bullies and thugs via the protection of human dignity, virtue, justice and the rule of law.   The world needs an America that is truly an arsenal of democracy and virtue in the face of evil.  The world needs an America who will openly embrace new citizens who have been persecuted by tyranny yet who yearn to be free.

Bloviating propaganda here.

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