Monday, February 27, 2012

Watch The Documentary “Fresh” Free Until March 3rd

I highly recommend you watch this documentary.  It is sort of a follow up to the Documentary “Food, Inc” with many of the same voices.  It is available free until March 3rd at Mercola’s link.  You may have to give an email address for his newsletter for the link to work but that’s not such a bad thing.  Mercola speaks many truths about food, our dysfunctional health care system and the pill-popping insanity of our medical bureaucracy that will help you become informed. 

If you watch this documentary, I would encourage you to take much of what is discussed and apply it abstractly to economics.   The sustainable rules of economics are exactly the same as a sustainable biological ecosystem.   And, why wouldn’t they be?   Human economic behavior is in fact nothing more than a manifestation of our biology.   (As is the sustainable biology of the human ecosystem.  The human body/mind is a self-sustaining and self-correcting ecosystem most often capable of healing itself if the ecosystem is maintained using sustainable rules.  That is why we are so incredibly diseased, emotionally-unstable and overmedicated in this country.  The unsustainable rules embraced by the corporate state are destroying our minds and our bodies.) 

One of the dynamics I use to model our economy is the concept of a state machine taught within the disciplines of math and engineering design.   A state machine is essentially an ecosystem whose state is impacted by measurable inputs that leads to measurable outcomes.   The global economic ecosystem and that of individual countries are collapsing because politicians, corporations, dictators and elites have tried to subvert nature’s laws of a sustainable state machine or ecosystem.   Only by applying certain changes to the state of the ecosystem will we ever see a recovery.  Otherwise, the system will fail just as natural ecosystems often do.  And, then from that failure will come something new.  Something more sustainable.   Fortunately, we don’t need to see that failure for the system to re-adjust.  Our economy would become self-correcting and self-healing were the appropriate laws of sustainable ecosystems or a sustainable state machine applied to our economy.  But, because of corruption and subversion of truth, at this point, failure seems inevitable.  

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