Wednesday, March 21, 2012

China Quietly Relaxes Controls On Foreign Capital

There is a fair amount of nonsensical bullshit in this article as there often is in any mainstream reporting.  Like the comment that Chinese communist central-planners deliberately engineered a drop in real estate prices.  Baaahhhaaa.    I guess that’s why there are unsubstantiated reports of people jumping out of windows due to the “deliberately engineered drop”.  Or maybe the author means like the U.S. guvmint has engineered house price drops here along with the financial collapse that cost our society trillions of dollars?    Please.  Wake up.  Politicians didn’t engineer anything.   What really happened in China is the bubble that the central-planning, baby girl-killing,  ethnic butchering, class rank cleansing, murdering, corrupt communists created has popped and now they are scared shitless about the coming internal social unrest we wrote would happen when the bubble popped.  So, now they are willing to allow more freedom of capital movement in some semblance of saving their own asses.  Clear enough? 

But, all mockery aside, the point for linking to this article is that China has tried to deregulate capital even further in some attempt to attract fleeing money back to the country.    It was deregulated capital which helped create China’s massively bubblicious economy in the first place.  Somehow deregulating it further in some hopes of stopping the collapse is what is called insanity in my world.  Game’s over.   Time for a new game;  The blame game and Russian Roulette between Washington and Shanghai.   Rising nationalism dead ahead; another one of our anticipated outcomes from a half dozen years ago. 

The article also quotes our Treasury Secretary who says the yuan has further to rise against the dollar; a view he shares with his equally incompetent boss.   (We hire politicians as administrators to manage the paperwork required to keep the country running while people in the real world do the real work necessary to actually keep the country running. Not because they are economic or financial genius.  They are most certainly and consistently just the opposite.  And we are going to learn that lesson the hard way.  Frankly, from my experience, hard lessons seem to be the only ones worth learning.)  Timmy is going to look pretty dull when the yuan falls or is devalued in order to maintain production and employment, as we have said would happen many years ago.   When we first wrote that the yuan would either fall or be devalued by the communist party as this cycle started crumbling, it was a very, very, very, very lonely position.  It was a lonely position only because the mainstream economics, political and financial community are systemically-incompetent freeloaders who created this global mess.   I hate to tell Geithner, but a communist currency, make that a collapsing economy’s communist currency isn’t going to rise against anything.  What might a lower-valued yuan do to American corporate investments in China and American competitiveness with a further devalued yuan?  Or to the desire to make future investment of those who end up losing their asses?  Well, we talked about that long ago as well.   Say bye bye. 

It’s pretty bad when the masters of the universe are made to look like chimps by a some poor white-trash hick blogging in his underwear in his spare time.   There’s a pony in there somewhere. --->>> Stop outsourcing your beliefs and thinking  to demagogues and political idiots and start listening to yourself.   The only skills they have are manipulating you into believing they know what is best for you for reasons of self-interest and power.   Politicians should be doing what We The People tell them to do and not the other way around.   Appointed public servants should have an agenda to serve the people not tell us how our lives should be managed by a bunch of power-mad political clowns.  For God’s sake, listening to them has fucked up the entire world.   We’ve had just about enough of that nonsense.   Or, at least I have.  If they had any modicum of self-respect, they would all resign.  Everywhere not just in the U.S.   Don’t rule that out as a possible outcome at some point.   We already saw that in Iceland, Ireland and Greece.

The world continues to unfold exactly as we said it would.  Albeit it in slow motion.  For now. 

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