Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Corporations And The State Are Emboldened In Their Efforts Of Dehumanization And Exploitation

The great violation of freedom is no longer property as it was in 1776.  It is now privacy.  Privacy is the new property.  It is everywhere you look.  Age discrimination has been rampant for decades.  Many employers won’t hire anyone who is unemployed.  Corporations continue to exploit labor without limits.  Corporate executives have raided pension funds for decades.   The government does nothing to stop any such efforts.  The government is bought and paid for by corporations.  That doesn’t even touch on the endless violations of privacy undertaken by the state.  We now live in a capitalism (and a corrupt fascist one at that) and not a democracy. 

This story is ludicrous.  And, that government agencies in addition to corporations are often the violators is even more ludicrous.    These are clearly dehumanizing violations of ones privacy.  How humiliating one must feel to be in an interview and to have someone tell you that in order to be employed by that firm or government agency, that you have to subject yourself to violations against your person and your most intimate thoughts and expressions.  And possibly even incriminate yourself.  

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