Sunday, March 11, 2012

70% Of U.S. Ground Beef Contains “Pink Slime”

Forty years ago we had literally thousands of meat processors in this country.  When we had family farms and meat was produced and sold locally, oftentimes grocery stores would butcher their own local meat.  There were even meat butchers who had their own retail establishments.  Kids used to go to trade school to learn the craft of butchering.   I’ve helped butcher farm animals and it most certainly is a craft.  There were untold numbers of families and small business that were able to raise their families as butchers and pay people living wages. 

Now we essentially have three massive meat processing corporations in this country.  Their operations are so tyrannical and so brutal that they have been documented using prison labor and undocumented workers because no one else will work under such brutal conditions for such low pay and no benefits.   And, in order to feed those massive operations, corporate meat processors require industrial farming methods of raising animals  in bulk.  That’s a whole separate topic. 

So, when 70% of ground beef contains some kind of industrial goo, it creates a systemic risk for our entire nation.  It does so because most meat comes from just a few factories.  When we had local economies, any issues were contained to very small crises.  

This dystopian society, created exclusively by pro-business (fascist) political parties effing over our society in secrecy for their own personal profit, is truly beyond description.   You have to laugh at the madness.   There is simply no way any of this is sustainable.

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