Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Obama The Status Quo

Just a few interesting points from around the net today.  The possibility of fireworks that may upset the 2012 elections still exists.   Dummycrats think the 2012 presidential election is in the bag.  Not so fast dog breath.  It’s a long way till November.

Obama considers giving Russia our U.S. military secrets.  Might I ask who gave this public servant any such authority?  I love the view of narcissistic liberal idiots who think all we need to do is be nice and we will all get along.  Neville Chamberlain was the twentieth century’s consummate dunce in this regard.  Appeasement of evil and power is completely misguided and delusional.  Russia’s politicians have absolutely no interest in putting the interests of U.S. citizens above those of their own.  Seeking to curry favor by sharing secrets is a childish, ego-centric ploy used by eight year olds.  That seems about right for most politicians.

Obama loses primary in 15 Oklahoma counties.  Pretty bad for a sitting president with no organized or funded competition in any primary.  I suppose if voters really had a choice, he could have easily lost nationwide.  Therein lies the dilemma of political parties who seek control for financial gain and power at the expense of democracy.

Obama continues to embrace lobbyists after promising he wouldn’t.  I think we call that lying in the real world.

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