Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Endless Decline In Home Values Continues Unabated

Title link here.  Just wait until the foreclosures start to pick up again as part of Obama’s brokered settlement with banksters.  Then we’ll likely see the rate of decline pick up even more as supply increases substantially.

How about that economic recovery?   Record numbers of people dropping off of unemployment benefits, most new jobs being created with no benefits and poverty wages,  record numbers of people on welfare, record high government deficits to keep the system from imploding, high oil prices, high food prices, health insurance companies jacking policy rates through the roof.  (Mine have doubled in two years and doubled the two years before that even though I have never filed a claim.  I can’t wait to drop my insurance and simply pay ObamaCare’s fine when that option becomes available.  I just won’t work since much of my incentive to work has actually been removed by bureaucracy anyway.    Then my ObamaCare fine will be zero.  I can tell my health insurance company, who pays its executives tens of millions of dollars to deny coverage to sick people and to raise premiums to the point of pain for policyholders for their own personal greed, to effoff.  It’ll be a boon to my bottom line and I’ll still be able to get treatment.).   Now, this is what I would classify as sustainable economics.  That is, letting the state do what it does best; tell me how to live my life and then impose its will upon me to make sure I comply.  Living large aren’t we?

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