Sunday, September 26, 2021

Newly “Discovered” And Potentially Damning Documents On US Funding Of Coronavirus Research

It’s imperative we follow the data on the origins of CV19.  If no data exists, then one has to be skeptical of all theories while also considering every possibility.  I want to give credit to journalist Alex Berenson who played a role in exposing these documents to the masses.  Alex is possibly the best global reporter on CV19, exposing potential misinformation, lies and fraud by pharma and governments by following data.  Alex writes on Substack after being kicked off of Twitter for telling the truth and questioning narratives by using data not ideology or conjecture. I’d highly finding his Substack site.

Here’s the link to newly available data, if accurate, on what unsavory things the U.S. corporate state has been involved in as it pertains to coronavirus research.  It’s detailed and lengthy.  It’s also another link in using data and facts to determine what happened.  It should be no surprise the term DARPA lies at the top of the document. DARPA, or the research arm of the US military-industrial complex is a massive force for funding all types of dystopian research and has since its inception long ago.

The US military runs this nation. That includes the CIA, of which it is a part. Not in the manner that is some dystopian world where we are presented a false reality and behind the scenes, others pull the strings with a gun to the head of politicians.  But, pretty close to that. The President is our Caesar and the National Security Council comprised of the corporate state and military-industrial complex, is his chief advisor.  To not take their advice is to suffer a propaganda storm against you.  And, given all politicians are stooges, that essentially never really happens.

The paranoia around this being some global hive mind reset coordinated by every single government, corporate and public health official under the spell of Klaus Schwab is preposterous.  The Great Reset, if anyone has read it, is nothing more than ramblings of a group of elites on how to fix what they perceive are issues facing the world.  Elites have been doing this since the advent of civilization. And, most assuredly, their solutions generally fall on the masses to suffer the consequences.

If CV19 did come from a lab, it was likely a mistake or a policy decision by scientific bureaucrats with no accountability that turned bad.  What a surprise if this is the case.  I’ve written substantially on here over the last 15 years that we will eventually create one hell of a mess or even some type of extinction event with our meddling with the crown jewels of the universe and institutionalized science’s arrogant posture on meddling with forces they don’t understand.  Those arrogant forces of institutionalized science are everywhere thanks to the profit motive of capitalism that respects nothing other than mammon as it leads us down the path of dystopia.

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