Friday, September 10, 2021

Now We Will See America’s True Soul

Joe Biden is a disaster. Worse than Trump? I have no opinion on that one. I’ve labeled every president since Reagan as a criminal on here over the years. And, to be honest, I’m not a fan of having the concept of a president or an executive branch.  And, for most of our history, we can point to countless reasons why. Our president is an emperor who rules by decree over empire.  Our Constitution is dead. Has been for most of our history as well.

I’ve probably irritated a lot of readers over the years by stating the US is the most brainwashed and propagandized civilization in history. Far worse than the Nazis. And, make no mistake, we’ve done our fair share of butchering and enslaving people just like the Nazis. Most have been outside of our borders but Americans are fine with that. How do I know? Because we all pretend that ugly reality doesn’t exist. And, boy do we love to be told what to do. That’s why the system has perpetuated itself since our founding. By system, I mean private capital controlling our government and subverting inalienable rights, natural law and democracy.

I’ve noted the US lost its way soon after its founding with a counter-revolution that subverted the principles of inalienable rights that formed the basis of the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War. Soon after the Articles of Confederation, our founders secretly met in private, sacked the Articles and instituted a federalist (all powerful central government) bureaucracy because elites needed an all-powerful authority to enforce their economic interests on the masses. This isn’t some hairball perspective either. It has been well appreciated in many circles since our founding.  The Constitution was to protect landed gentry’s property rights through the force of the state.  Inalienable rights or natural law discussed on here ad nauseam… those are and always have been dead.  Law and order defines our society. Law and order is maintaining the system of power that oppresses inalienable rights.  Rights to the land and its riches that the Constitution subverts.

Modern economics is far different than any kind of free society’s historical perspective on commerce. Modern economics is the state (corporations, elites, banks, politicians) stealing all of the land and resources and selling them back to humanity through forced work and debt enslavement that ensures their entitlement while the masses toil without end. 

Every president I am aware of supported the tyranny of our authoritarian system. Most every politician too.  Definitely every governor in the US today. Every single one.  If politicians don’t, they are attacked and marginalized until they are cancelled out of the system.  Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel are really the only two I can think of who had a streak of purity to their existence that never waivered. Others have had some degree of virtue but in the end, they feared being cancelled more than being virtuous and thus conformed.

The data from around the world clearly shows the vaccines are failing or worse.  Who’s going to line up for three boosters a year with the side effect data we now see?  The CDC and politicians appear to be either run by anti-science apparatchiks or they ared craven authoritarians who are going to double down whatever the data tells them or they are literally just plain f8cking stupid.  I generally support the latter. There’s no contrived Great Reset that requires every single nation, every single politician and every single corporate executive to be of some hive mind controlled by Klaus whatever his name is.  It just comes down to people who seek power and dominion over others are pathological.  Those who seek power should never be given it. Yet, that’s the insanity of our system in academia, corporations, politics, the military and the like. This outcome was guaranteed centuries ago. It’s just now decimated all opposition.

The vast majority of the world isn’t getting access to the vaccines and doesn’t have the infrastructure or resources to vaccinate everyone three times a year.  But, a handful of nations are literally run by idiots who don’t seem to understand that even if the vaccines did provide the initial claim of 95% effectiveness, the vast majority of humanity is never going to be vaccinated due to lack of resources and vaccines. I believe Singapore is the first nation to state that it has stopped the policy of attempting to vaccinate its way out of this.  More will certainly follow with public proclamations while their policies are already supporting this position. So, while we keep trying to ramrod a failed strategy that is literally destroying everything and everyone in its wake, at some point we too will give up on this strategy. But, in the mean time, do as you’re told regardless of what the science says.  Even the FDA has internal fighting apparently with some scientist rejecting the endless booster nonsense. And, while it’s anecdotal, I’ve seen some people comment that the third booster has had serious effects for them. Much more serious than the probabilities of their health profile would be for serious sickness from contracting COVID.

We’re going to find out what America is really made of at some point. Evil around the globe has learned through many failures over the centuries how to control the masses without outright killing them by the millions. Capitalism is very, very good at accomplishing this sinister control.  We are a very pacified, isolated, separated, divided and manipulated society where we attack our fellow man for protesting his grievances over legitimate concerns. White conservatives ruthlessly attacked Black Americans last year for protesting their legitimate grievances. Then, Democrats attacked conservatives for their legitimate concerns in the Washington march this past January. We play the role of useful idiots for elites with zero awareness of class consciousness that is destroying all of us.  You don’t see this in Europe where society has learned to organize against elites.  You see people of all walks of life organizing in brotherhood in defiance of ill-placed power.  In France, they never miss an opportunity to stall work and march in the street.  It’s eerily quiet in the US because of the fear and control used to manipulate us. 

I’ll be honest. I have absolutely no expectation that Biden’s diktats will illicit any type of organized resistance by the citizens in our society. We’re too busy masturbating, overdosing on drugs, cheating on our spouses, obsessing over entertainment, blaming each other and drinking ourselves to death.  (These all showed large upticks in behavior during the 2020 lockdown.)  We have much more awakening to do.  And much more recognition that our neighbors aren’t our enemy.  The ruling capitalist class and their toady politicians are.

America, like all powerful societies, is built on a very well-developed mythology.   The Nazis developed this. The Romans had it. The Soviets, the Japanese, the British, the Greeks and on and on.

The American myth of our founding by rugged individualists who created a free society. A nation created and perpetuated by great individual men. A nation of exceptionalism. A nation where everyone could live a dream existence. It looks great on paper but it’s all bullshit.  The only time in our history where the average joe had a chance was courtesy of FDR and a very small group of men who generally supported a principle of a nation of the common man. In fact, that was the title of one of the greatest speeches in US history given at the time.  It was killed immediately after Roosevelt’s death.  But that short period of time led to a highly organized, collective power of the common man against private, powerful interests who have always ruled this nation with an iron fist with the force of the state by their side.  Every other time in our history, powerful elites were plundering, plotting, rigging and contriving our manipulated reality. 

Will the real America please step forward? For that to happen, the mythological belief systems have to be rejected.  So, that Americans can see our history within the context of the travesty of our existence today.  It’s always been us versus them.  Our history is replete with cruelty, domination, tyranny and the dehumanization of our citizens. And, we’ve been too afraid or too entranced or too controlled or too immoral to do anything about it.  And, the “them” are the ruling elites who own everything including each of us and our government.

I’ll know America has found its path and its reality when citizens of all colors, creeds and political affiliations coalesce around Enlightenment philosopher JJ Rouseau’s comments. That is, when the people have nothing left to eat, they’ll eat the rich.  The rich who have taken everything from them. Their freedom, their democracy, their communities, their dreams and in many cases their lives or lives of those close to them.

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