Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Trump Administration And CIA Talked Of Murdering Julian Assange… And More

Michael Isikoff is a legit journalist.  This story is almost certainly well researched and substantially accurate.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks are the greatest journalistic heroes of the twenty first century.  It should be no surprise the US government will do anything to destroy him. Why does the CIA hate Assange so much? Possibly because he exposed how capitalism works and specifically how it works in the US(link). Endless war, not successful war.  This is the history of capitalism and its underlying roots.

The megalomania of US banks, corporations, our corporate government and the ruling elites has many historical precedents.  None are good.  Whether it’s coming totalitarianism or the hubris of overreach and collapse.  The US is headed for a major event. And, that has been an overriding theme on here for a dozen years.  Most likely determined by kickback by its citizens when they are awake enough to see the enemy isn’t their neighbors, as the corporate state endlessly tells us to divide us on petty line but rather the ruling class propped up by corporate capitalism’s plunder of our nation, our treasury, our citizens, the poor and the entire world. 

By the way, in a few days the US has to deal with the debt ceiling.  There’s a lot of political wrangling around this.  Republicans, who love spending other people’s money on corporate bailouts, corporate handouts, the national security state and the military that paves the way for capitalism’s plunder of the world, is stating they won’t raise the ceiling. Instead, they want to cut social safety nets as they have done for half a century.  Let citizens suffer the diseases of poverty while continuing to transfer wealth to elites and corporations. 

While I don’t know how to place odds, it is a possibility the US could selectively default on debts and sending the world into a tailspin.  And, I would not be surprised if it was coordinated by leaders in both parties with political gamesmanship for the masses. The National Security Council has been driving US policy for decades which is why Biden’s China policy is no different than Trump’s.  And, they are targeting China.  If the US selectively defaulted on China’s debt under the guise of us being “broke”, and being broke substantially because of China’s unfair practices, that could start a chain reaction that destroys China economically.  The US would suffer consequences but nothing like China. The US holds all of the cards in this relationship and the fact that literally no one understands this shows how completely ignorant the world is regarding complex systems, finance and economics.  This would start a chain of events that would ultimately consolidate US power around the world and make it even stronger relative to the rest of the world.  I will explain this soon but for today, I just want to put up this place market.  It’s not inconceivable and it is something I wrote a decade ago could eventually happen with the US getting a sympathetic public support because “China has stolen our jobs” and other endless horseshit jingoism pumped by the political right who actually voted three to one over Democrats to send our jobs to China. 

The next few weeks may end with a whimper but I mention this again after many years because the timing is now drawing near and it’s now relevant.

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