Sunday, October 21, 2007


I just took a look at the Japanese market and it is getting slaughtered on Monday morning. What a surprise. How many of you know that foreign traders drive alot of the action on the Nikkei? I think I mentioned foreign volume numbers for the Nikkie on here a long time ago. The roving marauders have been pounding every global market for a long time.

The late night press in the U.S. is blaming it on subprime issues. Can we get a break? You're wearing this theme out. This is one of the most ridiculous myths perpetrated on the general public as I wrote in the last post. Now, I like to worry about subprime as much as the next person but I could give a top 41 reasons why the markets are acting wildly and none of them have to do with subprime. Could we get the media to hire someone who understands Wall Street, finance and economics? Hey, I love to write, I'm a frustrated journalist and I can type over one hundred words per minute. If nothing else, I can answer the phones, type your monotonous subprime articles and make a great cup of joe. I'm in if I am able to work at home in my pajamas. Seriously, come on! Let's see some great journalism.
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