Monday, April 27, 2009

Mexico Is Teetering On The Precipice

-Unprecedented civil violence - at least in modern times
-The highest concentration of wealth in the world
-Little economic opportunity for most people
-Collapsing oil revenues
-Collapsing revenues sent back to Mexico from the U.S. via Mexican-heritage families
-A corrupt government
-An official announcement encouraging restricted travel from U.S. officials cutting off a substantial source of income, tourism
-Its stock market is down 5% today
-The supposed epicenter of the swine flu outbreak
-The country experienced a magnitude 6 earthquake today

Mexico has all of the makings of a boiling cauldron of volatility. Can it get any worse? We are bugs in a jar. And now it appears mother nature is shaking the jar.
posted by TimingLogic at 1:24 PM