Friday, May 01, 2009

Center For Responsive Politics - Top Washington Lobbyists Destroying Our Country

I added a blog link to the Center for Responsive Politics, a mainstream political watchdog group, some time ago. It might be quite telling that a blog dedicated to financial markets, economics and business is writing so much about Washington and lobbyists. I don't do so because it is some passion of mine. I do so because lobbyists and associated Washington policy have become the main driver of markets, economics and business. A sign of the corruption in Washington today.

So, let's take a look at what money will buy someone in Washington with the CRP's top lobbyist list. This list is of the big spenders over the last ten years. A tidy sum. Might someone gain insight into economic policy based on the political actions of these organizations, be they right or wrong or beneficial or destructive to the American people?

Where is your well-connected millionaire lobbyist? I wrote on here quite some time ago about the concept of corporate personhood based on some obscure court decision giving corporations the same rights as people under our constitutional republic. A completely corrupt ruling that should be overturned. Constitutionally. Period. Such a ruling would restore our republic to the sovereignty of the people and we wouldn't witness this never ending morally bankrupt, yet legal, transfers of money in Washington. To make a point about the legality of what is going on, again, slavery was legal to. And so was lynching.

Laws not serving the sovereign of this country serve someone else. Given the finite resources in the economy, those laws are at your expense. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a real gem on the second list. But, the big monster is...what a surprise - $3.4 billion by the finance industry. Is it any wonder our economy has become a financial casino that marginalizes productive work while Wall Street crooks use our savings to steal our money right from under our noses? Legally of course. Have you been dealt into the game?

See anything else on these lists that interest you? That might play some role in why our economy is structured the way it is? Let's see. Defense. Tanks makers lobbying Washington? Is that a joke? I appreciate a strong defense but how many nuclear weapons can we build? At the expense of Social Security or your pension that is likely gone or soon will be. The reeking rot is unbearable.

Here's hoping you are enjoying that gruel you had for lunch while billions are pumped into the last bubble on earth. Most often not in your best interests. That bubble would be the Washington bubble. When that pops, life will really be a joy ride. And it will.

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