Thursday, June 18, 2009

Geithner Defends Plan To Give Federal Reserve More Power - Who Really Cares What Geithner Thinks? Seriously.

I'm going to beat this whole crisis like a rented mule until we start to see some serious reform in Washington and Wall Street. This guy should be before a grand jury as the head regulator of Wall Street during the biggest financial crisis in our history and he is our Treasury Secretary? I think I would rather have Al Capone at Treasury. (A joke for anyone who didn't take their lithium this morning.) At least he fed the people during the Great Depression. Geithner is part of the greatest wealth transfer in history. From people making $10 an hour without a pot to piss in to millionaires.

What Geithner thinks is really irrelevant. Ultimately the American people will probably be voting in a new administration to clean up the messes created by every administration since Carter and including Carter, who by the way really started the dismantling of our financial system. I know many like to blame the start of this on Reagan but this is a duopoly and if I objectively evaluate both parties, I have the give the worst grade to Democratic Presidents. Although they are truly both the same group of jackals.
posted by TimingLogic at 8:06 PM