Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Political Pigs In Britain Have Been Feeding At The Trough Of Gluttony At The Expense Of Its People

It appears the political pigs have been very busy gorging themselves. Ponticus would indeed be proud.

The Telegraph has a slew of articles highlighting the rampant and massive corruption that is pervasive in the British government. The real question is what don't we know and will never know. How this behavior has impacted society across a wide range of topics not directly reported on. That includes policy decisions and corrupt economic cronyism which keeps the Union Jack-boot of tyranny on the people. I suppose whatever those secrets might be, they would be classified as heinous.

There are more than a fair share of seamy similarities to the U.S. Although in the U.S. such behavior has been deemed legal through the concept of corporate personhood and the subsequent legalized bribery of our government. Bribery at the expense of its people.

Corporate personhood is something we have railed against before. If our society is to truly return to one of moral superiority, we must vanquish this ethical bankruptcy which is a jack boot of tyranny on the neck of the sovereign people of this country.
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