Saturday, June 13, 2009

Support The Federal Reserve Transparency Act

There are a lot of misconceptions about the transparency and autonomy of the Federal Reserve. Ultimately the Fed was created by Congress and can ultimately be controlled by the Congress if there is political will to do so. The Fed supposedly maintains some independence for impartiality. I consider that somewhat of a joke given the banks the Fed supports are bribing our political structure left and right with dubiously "legal" donations and a revolving door of corrupt money and career opportunities. As we have said before, legal means nothing. There are countless legalities throughout history that are completely without moral authority on any level. Nothing typifies this more than the most heinous acts against humanity - slavery, lynching, internment camps, racial profiling, wiretapping, suspension of habeas corpus, meddling with posse comitatus, forced prison labor and other utterly criminal acts against humanity that were legal at one time or another in this country. Being a patriot is supporting a society that embraces nobility, dignity, virtue and economic opportunity for every law-abiding American. And, frankly for every person on this planet. That is only achieved by government embracing these virtues.

I really don't have a beef with the Federal Reserve as I have stated before. I have a beef with a private banking system that creates a self-fulfilling circle of corruption in Washington. It would be pretty hard for a government banking system to be bribing itself to lobby for the destruction and tyranny of the American economy as happens with private bankster-ing.

Anyhow, bill HR1207 which would open the Fed to auditing by the Congress is floating around Washington. I have signed a petition to "encourage" lawmakers to support the bill and I would encourage you to Google "petition" and "HR1207" to sign up as well. Or to write your Congressperson to demand accountability and transparency of the Federal Reserve. Your voice is the voice of change and it alone will change our country. That's right. You!

Sunlight and transparency along with an engaged populace aware of the seamy corruption in Washington would have literally kept all of the crises we see today from developing in the first place. It's time the Federal Reserve and Washington politicians serve the true source of power in the United States - We The People. And they will only do so if our voice is so loud that conservatives, liberals and moderates all cumulatively join forces to demand accountability and change. Or frankly, create the change ourselves.

Below is a nice video explaining the basics of what the bill intends to accomplish.

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