Sunday, June 14, 2009

Volatility Continues To Metastasize Around The Globe

It's not a coincidence that one of the major themes of this blog has been the anticipation of ever increasing volatility around the globe. There are moments throughout history that define who we are as humanity. I believe one of those moments is in fact right now. Especially in emerging markets where we have written extensively of coming economic doom. I believe one of the major contributors of volatility is a populist rejection of statism that will only increase as people come to grips with the abject failure of current economic ideology. An ideology perpetrated by the state. I wouldn't be too surprised if we eventually see these types of demonstrations in Europe or the United States either. And I can guarantee you officials on both continents are well aware of this fact.

(I had lunch with a friend on Friday. A gentleman from a storied Wall Street firm joined us. His firm is incredibly bullish on emerging markets once again. And I do mean incredibly. This confirms the bullishness in the Wall Street survey we cited a few weeks ago. This clearly differs substantially from our position since starting this blog. But that should be no surprise. Wall Street still doesn't get it. They will. When blood is running in the streets. Let's just hope this is a metaphorical event.)
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