Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Britain Manufacturing Shrinks

Unexpectedly. Where do these people come from? Unexpectedly? The drop was not overly significant but it confirms weakness has not been vanquished by stupid sums of debt created by "stimulate" the global economy. To try to keep the global Ponzi scheme going. We were the first, and still one of a very few, to remark of it, but globalization is dead. Britain's weakness in manufacturing is shared throughout the globe by other countries reporting recent data. This after the greatest of profligate "stimulus" spending by the group of G-20 political boobs. Now Gordon Brown is calling for more fiscal coordination by brilliant politicians, keepers of the status quo, around the globe.

Volatility ==>> economic forecasting is pointless. That means trend-trading, the favorite "investment" (misnomer) method by Wall Street banksters and hedge funds, is equally pointless. The fun on Wall Street and in the financial bubble is far from over.

Britain is in very, very serious trouble. And as we have written, so is their currency.
posted by TimingLogic at 8:57 AM