Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Big Business And Big Government Steal Your Money

I thought since many would consider my last post to come from a liberal partisan source, I would also give equal billing to the same topic discussed by a very conservative partisan source. But....this is not a three minute Youtube video. It's an hour long presentation. The first five minutes are very worthwhile.

The reality is all people in the United States, regardless of political affiliations, values or beliefs have a common interest in this topic. I will say that the speaker in this video highly underestimates the cost of this dynamic. The cost is not so much consumer prices as it is lost trillions of dollars in economic vibrancy and loss of economic opportunity for millions upon millions of Americans.

People have started repudiating partisan politics and started thinking for themselves. And that means there is a commonality in virtues and ideals. For whatever our differences as a diverse people, we all generally share the same virtues. Corruption is corruption. Fair is fair.
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