Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nuclear Battery With The Potential To Exceed One Million Times Power Density Of Existing Chemical Counterparts

This is why politicians should stay out of picking technology winners and losers or trying to "manage" innovation in the economy. Did a politician dream this up? In fact, were politicians determining what technology should power batteries or cars or anything else, we'd likely be riding in a horse and buggy. What has any politician added to the capital stock of society? Ever?

Politicians meddling in our economy means solutions to problems will be political instead of based on merit. And please, I don't care how smart some people believe any politician is. No politician is ever smarter than an open market where 300 million people's ideas can compete based on merit. You remember merit? How about we bring back merit. Except we do it for everyone this time.

How many great new ideas are out there stagnating because merit has been thrown out the window? How many people are labeled as lazy or unwilling to work by cronyism and corruption yet these people are really just marginalized because merit and hard work aren't valued by cronyism? How many heads of household are denied an ability to earn a decent wage because cronyism and corruption has decided their fate?

We don't need any more Harvard or Yale educated elites trying to manage the economy. It is exactly this very reason why we are in this crisis. The President and our elected servants are not our lords. They do not have magical powers of decision-making or superior intellect. Politicians aka servants should be seeking to restore the democracy they were elected to serve and defend. They should be seeking to unleash democratic merit onto the market by vanquishing corruption and cronyism in our government and in our economy. Instead they are perpetuating it at every turn. They'll look mighty stoic as they go down with the ship.

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