Saturday, December 05, 2009

China's Media Control - A Culture Of Lying. The Future Will Be Much Different Than The Mob Believed.

By the time this cycle is over no one will admit to being duped by the China myth. Many in the financial and blogging community who were duped are already rewriting their own history. Yet, almost everyone was completely duped. A true sign of the ability of the media to shape public opinion. Effectively brainwash society. We have even highlighted people like Thomas Friedman in his best selling book and his viewpoints were completely brainwashed by the media of which he is actually a part.

There is very little incontrovertible truth in this world. That includes a substantial amount of science where group think also exists. China's media control is truth. And so is the fact that the communist party has been moving towards locking down the country and possibly even taking away many of the short term freedoms granted over the last decade.

The future will not be as most anticipate across a wide array of topics. A testimony to the herding mentality of humanity. Whether that is the cult of personality that defines our current President regardless of whether his policy actions match the hopes of many or the rabid certainty that humanity is clearly the cause of global warming by many liberal journalists and the political class or the desire to immediately blow up something or anyone after 9/11 (including rage against many innocent Americans of color) or the xenophobic blame of job losses on immigrants or the belief (hope) that electing a new President was going to fix our problems or the global consensus (schadenfreude) that America is forever doomed or that America is clearly the biggest economic crisis in the world or any of a dozen other topics which define the mainstream psyche at any given point in time. Remember, the intellectual capacity of any crowd is defined by its basest component. A frightening reality of a mob.

It is that distorted sense of self that defines the herd. When one realizes the forever distorted sense of self that defines the human condition, how can anyone be anything other than a contrarian if one's position is backed by reason and analysis? Being a contrarian is as timeless and proven as humanity itself.

It has been a few years since I have mentioned one of my favorite books written long, long ago. Gustave LeBon's The Crowd - A Study of the Popular Mind. It's still available at Amazon for a few bucks but it now available online for free at the University of Virginia. I would encourage everyone to read it. It not only provides insight into our interactions with the world around us but it is a primer for becoming more self-aware in your own journey of self-discovery.
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