Thursday, December 03, 2009

Japan's Prime Minister Will Not Tolerate A Rising Yen

In this era of completely unsustainable and very unstable economic ideology, who will win the race to the bottom of the barrel? Who will destroy their currency first in the name of comparative advantage? Not to be outdone by other nations, Japan politicians have been talking down the yen quite regularly. Geithner comes on tout television this morning and either outright lies about U.S. economic policy and the dollar or is either the most mentally-challenged boob we have ever had in Treasury. Or both. The monkeys truly are running the zoo. Truly. It's amazing how many monkeys support the game of chicken we see around the globe. Speculators took the Bank of Japan's announcement earlier this week, which was basically nothing more than to provide liquidity if needed rather than outright easing, and used it to ram the Nikkei up 4% overnight. More free money for the financial buffoons to speculate. Yet no relief for the citizens of Japan. Sound familiar? It should. World political leaders and the global financial machine truly are an amazing lot of monkeys.

The world is working out exactly as we have anticipated.

It's a madhouse. A madhouse. (I use this link repeatedly because I loved the original Planet of the Apes. A truly creative masterpiece which uniquely reflects society today. Gorillas were the military class and those who advocate violence as a way to solve society's problems. Orangutans were the political class and ideologues often eschewing science and reason as keepers of the faith. And Chimpanzees were the scientists and those who chose to use reason and intellect as a basis for society and governance. In today's world, the Chimpanzees have been almost completely marginalized by Gorillas and Orangutans.)
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