Thursday, December 10, 2009

Howard Zinn's The People Speak - Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport

I have no idea what this television event will be like but I'm a big fan of free thinkers and those able to stand against the tide of evil and wrong. Howard Zinn is one such person. And so are the great Americans throughout our history who stood against the tide of evil and wrong. Many are referenced in this documentary.

We don't idealize people for all of their shortcomings and foibles. We embrace the nobility and virtue of their messages when they are at their best. When they stand to account for dignity, righteousness, integrity and honor.

We are now living through a time of great evil and wrong perpetuated on the American people. Wrong perpetrated by the tyranny of a crooked few. Tune in and join the populist movement for constructive progress. Take back our country from the tyranny of those who desire to be our kings and queens were they able to steal our freedoms from us. And steal they try. Even if they believe they do so for misplaced reasons of virtue.
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