Tuesday, December 08, 2009

John Stossel Teaches Al Gore Second Grade Mathematics And Other Global Warming Myths

My first remark is Al Gore is just about the worst voice for anthropogenic global warming I could ever imagine. ie, Global warming caused by humanity. Gore has no scientific training nor has he been willing to publicly address scientific issues. He instead uses tactics of marginalizing dissent whenever a reasoned argument is put forth.

I have observed Gore over a period of nearly twenty years and can cite example after example of behavior I would classify as clearly histrionics. Two well known examples are his grandiose lies associated with his invention of the internet and his similarly grandiose lies perpetuated as the Clinton administration henchman for propagandizing NAFTA benefits to the American public. There are countless more examples. Al's egocentricity longs for appreciation. He has finally received it with his anti-science movie An Inconvenient Truth.

I would argue there are two dissenting groups to humanity being the cause of global climate change. (The supporters of global warming ideology have already changed semantics from global warming to global climate change as recent data makes the former moniker dubious.) One is the political dissent driven by ideology seeking to usurp power from the global warming political movement. Generally a Democrat versus Republican political dung-throwing exercise. The other is a reason-based approach which understands there are forces in the universe whose potential impact on our planet cause more effect in the blink of an eye than any impact humanity has made in its entire existence. A reason-based approach is concerned about the future of our planet and our interactions with it. With ecology and the sustainability of life. It realizes we cannot continue to pollute the earth with reckless abandon. It realizes the volatility surrounding our planet needs to be studied and taken seriously. And it supports a constructive market-based approach to innovation and its associated job creation to improve the world around us rather than submit to a group of international political goons in Copenhagen determining what job-destroying burdens should be laid on the American people. Job-destroying burdens which our founding fathers warned us about. That would be entangling alliances. We don't need an international body of politicians with no understanding of our Constitutions, our democracy or any accountability to the American people determining our economic or political future or undermining our sovereignty through international regulations and penalties. This is completely anti-American and undermines our Constitution. If the rest of the world wants to adopt our Constitution and our form of government and civil laws, then I'm all for a global agreement. Until then, these political goons can shove it. I don't want an economic or regulatory agreement with communists and fiefdoms of murdering thugs determining my sovereignty.

As I watched this clip I was reminded of the horror of brainwashing on every level of society be it the media, our children or our politicians. When children who aren't old enough to add 2+2 are completely certain of the causes of any substantially complex scientific issue, (might I add substantially more complex than any human being has the ability to understand, let alone Al Gore) we know there is a mass movement of the herd. This is borne out by the radical and rabid challenges to any reasoned dissent. The same dynamic we highlighted a few days ago in Gustave LeBon's The Crowd - A Study of the Popular Mind. This dynamic is as old as humanity itself.

It's hilarious that Gore uses CO2 emission correlations as a primary support in his conclusions of global warming. If complex systems - ie. earth, our atmosphere and the universe - were only so simple that we could represent them using such boneheaded and simplistic mathematical models. Stossel slams Gore on this second grade interpretation of a highly complex system which, clearly, the smartest people ever to grace this planet still only understand at a very rudimentary level. (That would not include Al Gore.) This is the same dynamic we have hammered on here many times as voodoo anti-science use of science in the use of correlation equals causation baloney which drives Frankenstein finance's worthless "scientific" models. Models Wall Street spent decades and hundreds of billions of dollars creating. And then one sunny afternoon these same models completely failed.)

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