Monday, December 14, 2009

President Obama Gives Himself B+ For His First Year Performance - A Performance Marked By The Embrace Of Corrupt Clinton And Bush Neoliberal Economics

I actually had reasonably high expectations that President Obama could become a transformational leader. But it took less than a month in office to realize he lacked leadership qualities necessary to drive transformational change. And, instead he was a master politician with too many ties to the status quo. That the President gives himself a B+ rating for his work in a first year of office shows how powerful the ego can be. And how much of an insular bubble that exists in Washington. I have listed to the President speak about the economy and Wall Street numerous times. Beyond the rhetoric of publicly shaming Wall Street while catering to them with policy, it's clear to me the President is clueless about how to solve the problems facing our economy. And, instead is embracing the same neoliberal ideology which defined the Clinton administration. Policy which caused this crisis. I guess that shouldn't surprise us since he surrounded himself with the same Clinton idiots. It would be a sign of tremendous arrogance to give himself an A. But, that he gives himself a B+ tells me he could actually believe he deserves an A but would never publicly remark of it due to perceptions.

As far as Wall Street and the economy, I would give Obama the same grade I would give Clinton and Bush before him. That would be an unqualified F. Complete failure. He has done nothing to solve any systemic issues. Nothing.

Tomorrow we'll look at a reality-based look at the President's first year in office. One driven by a very clear real-world perspective.

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