Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Diesel Fuel Secreting Bacterium

When the Peak Oilers were howling that we were going to run out of energy in the next ten years, or whatever they were arguing, we wrote numerous times and in some detail that high energy prices and national security concerns had unleashed American and other democratic nation's ingenuity on the problem of being obliged to a belligerent OPEC cartel. (It's this same dynamic which could bring down the Federal Reserve cartel.)

Using bacteria, which needs no external feed stock, to create diesel fuel would allow our existing infrastructure to be used in the future. With a breakthrough in relatively clean coal liquification, the U.S.'s natural gas reserves and our oil reserves, which counting unconventional shale oil, are greater than Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. has enough carbon-based energy to fuel our future for the next five hundred to one thousand years or more anyway. Even if our population continues to grow, the efficiency of future energy use will almost certainly mark this coming decade as our peak "mined" carbon energy consumption anyway. Countries like France saw their peak crude oil usage thirty years ago and it has been declining ever since. All it takes is a commitment to efficiency.

Peak Oil is nothing more than pure manipulation to support dubious and even criminal objectives of Wall Street crooks. And guess what? You need Peak Oil to provide cover for Wall Street's criminal manipulation of the energy markets and you need man made global warming to enforce Wall Street's criminal cap and trade pipe dreams now don't you? Manipulative criminal schemes dreamed up by Wall Street to stick their dirty fingers in everything we do and extract a massive tax of trillions of dollars on the backs of the American people.

Now some of these methods are dirty and without necessary oversight, companies will destroy our environment, but I think in a worst case scenario, we are quite capable of managing that both through advances in extraction technology and through the oversight of a government that works for the people. Something we don't have today. But, in the end we probably won't have to worry too much about that anyway. In other words, as we wrote long ago, the stone age didn't end because we ran out of stones. The mining of carbon-based energy won't end because we ran out of carbon-based energy. We will invent our way out of our dependence on crude methods of energy production. Whether that is wind or solar or chemical or whatever, it will happen. The never-ending supply of Luddites and Malthusians provides a virtuous circle of lunacy which feeds off of the hyped media frenzy.

The only thing stopping us from being energy independent at this very moment is politics. And future innovation will only increase the legitimacy of that statement. Bring the jobs home and let's encourage the market to innovate. Now. And at the same time, we can cut trillions of dollars in defense and aid to part of the world that need to take primary responsibility for their own self-created problems, the Middle East.
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