Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Timmy G Pimps Out The United States Treasury To Goldman Sachs

Unless we are in the midst of a war, every single meeting between politicians or between politicians and private firms or individuals should be videotaped and available to the people of this country. It is our country and these servants are supposed to work for us.

What are these bureaucrats talking about in secrecy? Lack of transparency is the territory of corruption and the state. Of evil, power and greed.

There was once a wise man who looked upon the bureaucracy of his time and said I do not know you. And our founding fathers would look upon our government today and most assuredly make the same observation. These types of secret meetings are more of the same smarmy dealings that have killed our economy. Where is my secret meeting with Timmy G? I have a right to know what these conversations are about. And if you don't want to tell me, then you are talking about things that you shouldn't be talking about and you are not a public servant. You are instead a beholden stooge of special interests seeking to usurp democracy and the rule of law.

Our country is for sale courtesy of Dummycrats and Republikaaners.

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