Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The People Have Spoken - Iceland’s Former Prime Minister Is Referred To Criminal Court In Connection With Iceland’s Bankster Crisis. And Why Britain’s Gordon Brown Should Be Joining Him. Let The The World Take Notice Of The Application Of The Rule Of Law To Elitist Crooks.

Jail time for Iceland’s bankster-loving Prime Minister?

Britain’s Gordon Brown should be next.

And Charlie Munger after that.  Not because he broke the law but because he’s a bankster-loving, democratic-hating elitist.  Just kidding.  I don’t want to send Charlie to trial.  But the story is too good to miss.

And while it has nothing to do with this post, let’s throw in another link.  Our President and his team tell the press how much Americans love their policies.  And just in case we don’t, they tell us to stop whining.  Let’s hope we have something up our sleeves for both political parties in 2010 and especially 2012.  That would be our proverbial foot up their ass and a swift good riddance.  We need someone who exhibits leadership qualities and will reform the corrupt cesspool in Washington.  No more Emanuals, Clintons, Geithners, Summers, Goolsbees and other warmed over retreads from the horrendous Clinton administration and Dummycrat party.

How many times have we said the banksters and their political stooges have won nothing?  In fact we just wrote something of this a few days ago.  And what did we say some time ago? 

“Yes, Wall Street has stolen untold trillions of our money but as we have written dozens of times since 2009's low, the crisis has not passed. Wall Street won the early battles because of the element of surprise. (And these are indeed battles because Wall Street crooksters don't care one iota about the American people.) Wall Street caught their opponent (We the People) off guard in their early successes at extorting money out of us. But just as with Hitler's non-aggression pact with Poland, its subsequent promises not to invade Poland and its ultimate blitzkrieg, Germany won early battles through the element of surprise. But once the mighty arsenal of democracy, the United States and We the People, got its engines turning, it was but a matter of time before Germany would lose. This exact same dynamic is what we have witnessed with our crooked banking system. But, in fact, there is absolutely no way to go back. The game is over. It's time to rebuild a new economic America based on democratic principles.”

The world is watching these events in Iceland and the comments out of Britain regarding their former Prime Minister.  The courage of people in these countries to speak the unspeakable will surely give courage and cover to people seeking justice and the application of the rule of law to crooks in other countries.  This is the elitist’s worst nightmare.  An enabled and free-thinking society seeking the application of reason and the rule of law over cronyism, cover ups and favoritism.

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