Sunday, September 26, 2010

Private Equity Billionaire Likens President Obama To Hitler

If one objectively looks at the evidence and understands the role of capital in society, it's pretty much incontrovertible that private equity in its current form is a virus and serves no useful purpose in our society other than to make a handful of very greedy people very rich at other's expense.  Or as we termed private equity back before the economic collapse, it has become private debt.  Firms use our banking system's resources to lever up corporations while private equity extorts other people's money in the process.  In its wake often lies a cesspool of debt, bankruptcy and lost economic opportunity for hard working Americans.  This compares to innovation which makes people rich at no one's expense.  In other words, it increases society's wealth.   Private equity in its current form should be illegal.  As part of the corporatocracy which is pillaging society, it's impact is far more destructive than any crime I can think of. 

I think it's very important at this time in our country that people should really consider what governmental policies are important to them.  And what kind of society do we want.  Because the calls for austerity right now are really driven by people who have thousands of times more money than the average person in this country to manipulate the media and the message it delivers.  A call for austerity is driven by the corporatist and elitist welfare recipients who are living off of the taxpayer dole.  They want social programs which benefit democracy to be sliced so they can continue to live off of government welfare in the form of massive handouts and subsidies given to the very rich.   All while cutting basic social services that will decimate the underprivileged who have often been put in this situation by said elitists and their purchasing of our government for their own greed and avarice. 

We need a new economic model that reduces the need for government services and gives people economic opportunity in lieu of it.  We do not need austerity which will start a recursive collapse to the bottom of the barrel.  But doing so will harm the very wealthy who have destroyed our country.  They will most surely do anything and everything to stop progress.

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